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Brew Home

By Rick Wilding

Being an avid brewer and vintner for years, I decided to build a "How to Home Brew" web site for my Final Project in the class that I am currently taking at PCC, Web site Creation using Dreamweaver CS4. With a little luck, and a lot of work, I should be able to finish it by the deadline! I hope that this site will help the first time brewer to feel confident and see the simplicity of brewing their first beer, allaying there fears so they can home brew excellent beers with confidence!

Also, please check out my extra credit HTML project A Travelers Guide to Portland Brew Pubs.


  1. Provide valuable information for people about Homebrewing with content, pictures and videos.
  2. Link to pertinent sites for/with more homebrew information.
  3. Educate people on the simple process of brewing, Inform people about how easy it is to make their own beers and ales at a considerable savings.
  4. Instill Excitement in people about the fact that they can make there own beers and ales right in there own home for friends and family to enjoy.
  5. Provide help for beginners with a question and answer forum.
  6. Create cross interest between brewing and vinting.
  7. Create a recipe database for brewers.

Statement of Purpose:

With this web site, we will promote homebrewing to the general public, Provide information about homebrewing techniques with emphasis on beginners and first time brewers, Focus on the ease and simplicity of homebrewing, Promote the money saving opportunities of homebrewing, and strive to instill a sense of excitement for the first time home brewer.


Market Research:


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