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How to Brew

AKA: Easy Homemade Brew

Do any of these names sound familiar: Ale Of The Gods, Londonderry Air Light Beer, Coopers Sparkling Ale, Strawberry Blonde, German Bock, Irish Stout, India Pale Ale, Australian Pale Ale, and Goat Scrotum Ale? (Ok, I know that last name was a zinger, but it is a tasty ale). You too can brew your own beer at home, and make your friends jealous with the TASTE of these beers. Just imagine a cold beer sliding down your throat and knowing that you made it, bottled it, and served it yourself.

Most people who think about homebrewing beer have fears, real or unfounded, that hold them back. They worry that they will mess it up so badly that they will have to throw the entire batch away, along with it all their hard work. No worries, future homebrewer! I am going to give you some simple things to do that will make the process easier and guarantee you will end up with tasty brew each time.

First, read all the way through the recipe before beginning your brew. This may seem obvious, but sometimes when you are excited to begin, it's quite easy to overlook an item that was hidden inside the recipe. Once you have read it through, make sure you have all the ingredients on hand and ready to go.

Second, always (repeat always) remember to sanitize your equipment - especially the fermenter. Doing this isn't difficult, and manyhome brewing kits have a simple sanitizer you can use to ensure all your equipment is clean and ready to use before every batch you brew.

Third, make sure you know how to properly read a hydrometer. This device will show you exactly when your beer is completely fermented, and therefore takes all the guesswork out of it.

Fourth, stop worrying about making a mistake. Truth is, if you use one of the simple brewing kits available, the brewing method is almost fool-proof. Furthermore, if you followed all the previous advice, your chance of making a mistake is almost nonexistent.

Fifth and final: Relax and have fun! Take a deep breath, follow the recipe, and you will end up with a great brew. Then you can enjoy the fabulous taste, and have your friends and family beating down your door for more!

(Credits and Thanks to Squido.com for content.)