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Step by Step Brewing Pictures

Malt Extract Brewing


Firstly, get all your ingredients together and measured out.


Grind any grain that you want in your mash bag for the mash hour.

cracking grain

You only want to crack the grain open, not grind it to dust. Adjust your plates accordingly.



Prepare your space for ease and simplicity in an orderly fashion.


Clean bright surfaces help the process proceed smoothly.


A fine mesh grain bag is what you will use for the mash process of malt brewing.

grain bag

Pour the cracked malt into the grain bag. Tie the top well.

boil kettle

Check temperature, hold at 160 F for malting process for one hour.

grain bag mashing

Steep the grain bag occasionally while in the mashing hour.

check temp

Be sure to check the temperature once in a while to be sure the temp is holding.

adding malt extract

Add the Malt Extract in the last 15 minutes of malt conversion to aid in the process.

malt pour

Stir constantly while adding the malt extract to keep from scalding on the bottom.

More to Come Soon!