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Portland, Oregon has the most brewpubs per capita. Check out these Portland Brew Pubs and sample some of the Northwest's best Beers and Ales.

About The Travelers Guide to Portland's Brew Pubs

Captured By Porches Brewing

Mt. Hood Brewing / Ice Axe

Hop Works Urban Brewery

Rogue Brewery

MacTarnahan's / Portland Brewing

Rock Bottom Brewery

Green Dragon Bisto & Brewpub

Mash Tun Brewery

Pyramid Brewing

Hair of the Dog Brewery


Widmer Brothers Brewery

The Old Lompoc

Tugboat Brewing


Bridgeport Brewery

Lucky Labrador


Full Sail (Riverplace)

Alameda Brewpub

Laurelwood Public House and Brewery


Tuck's Brewery


Raccoon Lodge

Golden Valley Brewery

Liberator Brewery & HomeBrew Supply

Roots Organic Brewing


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